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    The Returned S1

    Starts Thu, 14th Jun at 10pm UAE

    A small town's residents are stunned when recently deceased locals begin returning from the dead. What should be a miracle soon becomes a nightmare.

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    Prison Break S5

    Starts Wed, 20th Jun at 10pm UAE

    A series based on the hit action drama PRISON BREAK, featuring the original cast in a 9-part thrilling escape spanning the globe to save one of their own.

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    Legion S2

    Every Tue at 10pm UAE

    Based on the Marvel Comics by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz, Legion is the story of David Haller, a man who believed himself to be schizophrenic only to discover that he may actually be the most powerful mutant the world has ever seen.

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    House of Cards S4

    Every Fri at 10pm UAE

    The critically acclaimed Emmy®-nominated drama has its Golden Globe® winning stars Kevin Spacey (as Francis Underwood) and Robin Wright (as Claire Underwood), whose characters have always been each other's’ strongest allies, showing cracks in their relationship.


Saturday May 26 , 2018 UAE Timing
The Walking Dead: Killer Within 12:00am
Scream Queens: Black Friday 12:45am
Scream Queens: Dorkus 1:30am
Legion: Episode 5 2:15am
Wayward Pines: Episode 7 3:00am
Wayward Pines: Episode 8 4:00am
Scream Queens: Black Friday 4:30am
Terra Nova: The Runaway 5:15am
Last Man Standing: Ping-Pong 6:00am
Last Man Standing: Educating Boyd 6:15am
The Listener: Episode 7 6:45am
The Simpsons: Smoke On The Daughter 7:30am
The Simpsons: Papa Don't Leech 8:00am
The Walking Dead: Walk With Me 8:30am
The Walking Dead: Killer Within 9:15am
Modern Family: Man Shouldn't Lie 10:00am
Modern Family: Promposal 10:20am
The Americans: Munchkins 10:45am
24: Legacy: 9:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M. 11:30am
The Crazy Ones: Pilot 12:15pm
The Crazy Ones: The Spectacular 12:45pm
Scream Queens: Black Friday 1:15pm
Terra Nova: The Runaway 2:00pm
Last Man Standing: Ping-Pong 2:45pm
Last Man Standing: Educating Boyd 3:00pm
The Listener: Episode 7 3:30pm
Legion: Episode 5 4:15pm
Wayward Pines: Episode 7 5:00pm
Wayward Pines: Episode 8 5:45pm
The Walking Dead: Killer Within 6:30pm
The Americans: Munchkins 7:15pm
24: Legacy: 9:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M. 8:00pm
The Simpsons: Apocalypse Cow 8:45pm
Modern Family: Man Shouldn't Lie 9:15pm
Modern Family: Promposal 9:35pm
This Is Us: Pilot 10:00pm
This Is Us: The Big Three 10:45pm
The Simpsons: Any Given Sundance 11:30pm